At Her Desk started at our desks in Midtown Manhattan. As two young women working in the financial services industry, we were used to being in a predominantly all-boys club. We have mentors and sponsors but truthfully, we leaned on each other for honest and direct advice on how to navigate the challenges we faced. No topic was too menial or too uncomfortable as we felt that, together, we could overcome whatever came our way.

We realized the need for a resource for young, ambitious women that need a little help getting to the next level. At Her Desk was built for women who are full of hustle and drive but who often face self-doubt and have questions on how to best tackle certain situations.

How do I find my voice in meetings? Is it okay to cry at work? What happens if my co-worker takes credit for my hard work? How do I find a sponsor? What is it really like to work from home? These are the types of questions that we aim to address through our own experiences and through our network of like-minded women (and men!). At Her Desk serves as a metaphor for wherever your work space may be. We have all felt alone or doubtful as we sit at our "desks."

We certainly don't have all the answers and designed At Her Desk to be a collaborative platform. If you are interested in writing / sharing your experiences with us, we'd love to hear from you!


It is our mission to build a community where PROFESSIONAL women CAN ASK the questions they really want to ask, CONTRIBUTE STORIES and learn from others through their EXPERIENCES.



“Third culture kid”, having lived in 8 countries.

Works in private equity.

Loves exploring new cities, eating salmon sashimi and asking trivial questions during movies.



New Yorker, born and bred but of Indian descent.

Works in sales in the financial services industry.

Loves dinner parties (as host or guest), street food, and live music.