5 Gift Ideas For Your Boss

It’s never easy to shop for your manager but two guidelines to remember are:

  • Stick to a reasonable budget, it’s the thought that counts!

  • Don’t purchase a gift out of obligation! Sometimes a nice card is enough. But if you feel like you want to thank a manager, then a small token of appreciation is totally fine.

  1. For The Refined Palette: Wine or Port

    You can’t go wrong with a good bottle of wine. We recommend one in the $30-$50 dollar range as it will be higher quality. If you’re a total wine noob, look in the aisles for more full-bodied varieties like a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, an Italian Barolo or an Argentinian Malbec.

    If you want to try something a little different, we recommend gifting a bottle of port. Port is a Portuguese fortified fine and typically served at the end of a meal. Your boss will be viewing this as a special treat after dinner!

  2. For The Snacker: Gourmet Food Basket

    Delicious treats always come in handy around the holidays. I love sending gourmet snacks or food baskets as a gift because it’s delicious and there’s an option for every budget! A Dean and Deluca Babka is an affordable yet family friendly option. I also love Harry and David baskets as there are so many different combinations of treats and you can include wine! If you aren’t mailing your gift and need something more portable, consider a luxe box of chocolates from Royce, a high end Japanese brand.

  3. For The One With Legible Handwriting: Notebook and Pen

    Even though you’re probably the one taking all the notes in meetings, your boss still needs a good notebook and pen. Often at times, my manager uses free conference swag with some other company’s branding on it and I think to myself, why doesn’t he have a nice one? Baron Fig offers great starter kit sets with a pen that has a nice heavy weight to it and a textured notebook that lays flat. There’s no going back to spiral ring notebooks and Papermate pens after owning this!

  4. For The Jokester: Gag Gift

    This depends on the personality of your manager but if you have a team inside joke, then it’s a fun way to tie that into the gift. For example, a t-shirt with a silly saying, a toy or prop, sports gear and so on. Check out Spencer’s and Uncommon Goods for unconventional yet creative gifts.

  5. For The One That Sends Family Christmas Cards: Photo Frame

    Who doesn’t love putting up a photo of their family/S.O./dog in their office? A simple but modern frame adds some nice curb appeal to his/her desk next to the stacks of paper. West Elm offers some great acrylic frames!