*Holiday Gift Guide*

There’s gifting, then there’s holiday season gifting. We’re here to help by rounding up a list of our faves so you can “Add To Cart” confidently:

  1. For The Music Lover:

    Sony - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

    I was never a headphone kinda girl until these bad boys came along. My co-worker recommended them to me and swore that they’re the best in the market. True enough, they won 2018 best wireless headphones of the year according to TechRadar. The right side of the headphone acts as a remote control for volume, pause, play, and skip (fancy!) They’ve been amazing on flights so I can mute out all the noise and also because it comes with a flight-friendly headphone jack and cable so no longer need to use airplane earbuds. It comes in a muted gold and black. (I do have to say the Bose QuietComfort 35 II is slightly lighter and comfier, but I was sold on the aesthetics and functionality of the Sony). [Unisex gift]

  2. For The Workoutaholic:

    Ensmbl - Athleisure Wear

    Move over Outdoor Voices, there’s a new athleisure brand in town! While I love Outdoor Voices’ colourful designs and colour blocking, I didn’t find their pieces all too comfortable. While I haven’t tried out Ensmbl yet, I see plenty of bloggers strutting their gorgeous leggings and sports bras (@laurengores). Who doesn’t like to look cute while working out? Hope I find these under the Christmas tree! ;)

  3. For The Skincare Obsessed:

    Foreo - Luna mini 2 Facial Cleansing Device

    I friggin love this thing. Being in my late 20s, skincare is of utmost priority. In 60 seconds, the sonic pulsation scrubs away all the dirt much more effectively than my “circular motion hands” would with my cleanser of choice. Not to mention there’s no need for replacement brush heads because it’s made of silicone. [Unisex gift]

  4. For The Sweet Tooth:

    The Brooklyn Baking Barons - Honey Whiskey Cake

    I brought this cake as a gift for when I first met my boyfriend’s parents. It is THAT good. These two studmuffins have masterfully crafted the art of making a moist, not overpowering, and truly delicious honey whiskey cake that will be sure to please this holiday season. Not to mention they have cute gift-ready packaging, friendly customer service and ship across the US! [Unisex gift]

  5. For The One That Likes To Feel Special:

    Function of Beauty - Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner

    In the world of personalisation overload, I actually really like Function of Beauty’s approach. A simple yet thoughtful quiz leads you to develop your own concoction based on your hair status and goals that is cruelty/paraben/sulfate-free. The bottles themselves are personalised with your name too! It may seem steep vs. your drugstore products but these babies last a whiiile. Another competitor in this space is Prose that has a similar approach (more in-depth questionnaire) but I have yet to try them out. [Unisex gift]

  6. For The Host(ess) With The Most(est):

    Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings: Hungry For More Cookbook

    While Chrissy has amazing recipes throughout, I put this on the list because it’s the perfect gift to zero in on how to make amazing Thai dishes. In her first cookbook, the Thai basil chicken recipe is one of my weekly go-to’s so I am pumped to see what’s in cookbook #2. It is so hard to find authentic, yet easy Southeast Asian dishes so I am so glad that Chrissy (and her mum!) penciled these down for all us non-Thais l to capitalize on! [Unisex gift]

  7. For The Sleeping Beauty:

    La Neige Lip Sleeping Mask

    So I went on a Sephora binge (treat yoself) recently and came across this mask. At first I was skeptical (because not even a bucket full of Vaseline could save my chapped lips!), but I was so pleasantly surprised at how much softer they became after a few uses. It’s tiny (great stocking stuffer) and comes with a little lip brush that glides on smoooth. In the winter season, this is a saviour!

  8. For The Comfort Seeker:

    Allbirds - Wool Runners

    Allbirds are disrupting the casual sneaker industry because they made a super comfortable, affordable yet classic sneaker that can be dressed up and down. The lightweight shoe is made out of wool and my favorite part, is you can wear them WITHOUT socks! I took these to walk around Lisbon in and they were perfect. Note, these are meant for casual use only and not for exercise. Best of all, they are machine washable! [Unisex gift]

  9. For The One Who’s Always Cold:

    Uniqlo - Ultra Light Down Collection

    I love Uniqlo’s light down collection because they get the job done in an affordable and stylish way. The jacket is great for travel as it rolls up into a little pouch and I use it like a pillow. Also, the jacket is warm on its own but can be layered for extra warmth. I’ve tried and tested the jacket under my ski jacket on extremely cold days and also under a peacoat. [Unisex gift]

  10. For Little Miss Organized:

    Cuyana - Tote Organization Insert

    Best part of a tote bag: All of the crap you can dump in and carry around. Worst part of a tote bag: Impossible to find anything you need because it’s buried and jumbled up with everything else! Cuyana has solved the tote dilemma with their organization insert! I’ve tried and tested many of Cuyana’s products and they are always well designed and high quality. While I haven’t tried this personally, it’s on my list after seeing a coworker use it and rave about it!

  11. For The Zit Popper:

    Heyday - Facial

    Taking care of my skin is top priority these days. HeyDay is just like a Drybar for facials in that they specialize in this service only. They’ve made it easy and approachable to start adding facials to your self-care routine. I hope to try out this service soon! Locations are currently limited to NYC and LA.

  12. For The Traveler:

    Summer Fridays - Jet Lag Mask

    I recently purchased this after seeing it all over Instagram. The influencers influenced me! I’ve been spending a lot more time on planes and the winter air has been drying out my skin so the time was right. I like the light scent of the product and the feel of it. It isn’t super slimy or sticky and can be applied easily and absorbs quickly into the skin. I also like to use it as an overnight moisturizer.