Your Face's New Best Friend

"Wow, you have amazing skin!" - Sephora make-up artist Brittany
"Thanks! I bought a Foreo a few months ago and never looked back." - me

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to your face's new best friend:


Luna mini 2 by FOREO


UHH, WHAT is this? A facial cleansing device made of soft silicone designed and manufactured by an innovative Swedish company.

WHY would I buy this? To get a deeper cleanse every time you wash your face that leaves your skin like a baby's bottom. I never used a facial device before but was intrigued given you don't need to replace the brush heads for this like you would a Clarisonic.

IS IT a game changer though? Yes. I was skeptical at first but after a solid 3 months of use twice a day, my skin is noticeably smoother (especially around the nose area), softer and healthier. It even got rid of some of the most stubborn blackheads. The silicone doesn't feel rubbery at all against my skin. Even after long days at work, I actually look forward to washing my face.

HOW does it work its magic? Basically it has T-Sonic pulsations (it gently vibrates) to more effectively remove all the gunk on your face (dirt, oil, makeup residue). You apply your cleanser as normal but instead of using your hands to massage it in, you grab your LUNA. You choose your desired intensity and move it around your face in circular motions for 60 seconds. That little tip part has bigger bristles to dig deeper in the oilier areas like the nose. It vibrates 3 times to signal that you're done! Spa-face in no time.

WILL my wallet be sorry? It's a bit of an investment piece at USD 139 but boy, does it pay dividends. There's also a smaller LUNA at a cheaper price point but the overall line is still cheaper than a Clarisonic system.

WHAT ELSE should I know? It's not just for women! Foreo actually stands for "For Everyone" (they have tons of other colours and a men's-specific product too - my boyfriend is obsessed and uses his in the shower!). The LUNA also comes in other sizes and for specific skin types. I highly recommend it as a gift or if you want to amp up your skincare game. Oh and I almost forgot to mention - apparently, you only need to charge this every 5 months! I have yet to own it for that long so will see if that claim holds up.

Foreo-ing at 11.30 pm - can't stop, won't stop!

Foreo-ing at 11.30 pm - can't stop, won't stop!

This post is not sponsored. Check out Foreo's full skincare line here (also available on Amazon Prime!)