MarketSnacks, Your Daily Must-Read

Where do you turn to in a world bombarded with news and in a role where there’s pressure to stay on top of “the markets”?


If it’s one thing we read everyday now, it’s MarketSnacks, and here are four reasons why you should too:


1. It’s for millennials by millennials.

Nick Martell and Jack Kramer, Co-Founders of MarketSnacks

Nick Martell and Jack Kramer, Co-Founders of MarketSnacks

MarketSnacks’ founders, Nick Martell and Jack Kramer (2018 Forbes 30 Under 30), knew exactly how to appeal to their target audience because they’re millennials too. That’s why they created clear, condensed and entertaining financial news. MarketSnacks describes itself as digestible and this couldn’t be more accurate and more necessary. There are four concise market highlights in the daily newsletter, each topic chosen carefully for relevance. Why four highlights? Nick and Jack actually surveyed readers to determine what exactly their audience’s email fatigue threshold is. MarketSnacks succeeded in finding the balance between “This is too overwhelming” and “This is too basic” - a huge win. If you’re really crunched for time, even reading “The takeaway” under some highlights are super useful.

Side note: We always get the question from our college student readers interested in finance, “What should I be reading?” Add this to your list and make it a habit to actually read it everyday.


2. The tone is spot on.

The newsletter is written thoughtfully. The tone is not “bro-ey”, “lecture-y” nor “dumbed down.” As women in finance, we’ve often been mansplained to and MarketSnacks definitely does not come across that way. The founders take time in crafting the language with a dash of wit to resonate across all genders - something that not many business news outlets currently do. When we read MarketSnacks, it feels like a colleague updating us on what’s going on in the market without judgment on how much we may or may not know.


3. It’s free.

If you ask someone in your office where they typically get their financial news from, what is the most common response? Probably Wall Street Journal. While we’re fans of the WSJ newspaper, traditional business and finance news outlets come at a cost. MarketSnacks takes the pressure off from you having to decide what’s important and provides it for free via a daily newsletter (sample here) AND a daily <20 minute podcast, MarketSnacks Daily (here).


4. It’s not just for folks in finance – it makes business fun and easy for everyone.

MarketSnacks provides updates on large companies and mature startups that almost all of us know (Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, Walmart, Square, etc.). If there is financial jargon, they make sure to explain it (like defining a bull market). Some highlights make it to lunch/dinner table conversations (“Did you hear about Yelp adding Health Scores?” or “That RXBar you love - did you know that Kellogg bought them for $600 million?”) Also, on Mondays, there’s references to helpful articles on Career/Life/Money under their What else we're 'Snacking section. It ain’t all finance talk, you see.



What are you waiting for? Start snacking using the link below!