The business card trick I always use

For anyone who networks at events or conferences, you know how important it is to exchange cards with the people you've met. Usually after that initial exchange, the card gets one look to send a quick note, an add on LinkedIn, and then is lost forever at the bottom of a desk drawer or briefcase. When I look at the stacks of cards I've accumulated, I cant even remember where/when I met this person and why I've kept the card. 

That changes with a simple yet effective tip I learned from a colleague.

Next time you meet someone and get their card, take a second to write down where you met them, what you spoke about (personal facts as well), and the date right on the card. By taking a second to jot down a few details, it makes any future interaction with them more personal and memorable. Chances are they might have a foggy memory of where they met you but you will be able to remind them of the time and place. Who wouldn't be impressed by that!

Thinking even further ahead, if you ever left your company, you wouldn't be able to take any spreadsheets or emails but you can always take the physical business cards with your notes and have that "rolodex" for life.