Are you reviewing your emails for this...

I am paranoid about every email I send, especially when it is to an external client or a senior person at my company. I reread my emails 5-10 times to double check for typos, grammar and to make sure my message is as clear as possible. My mental checklist now includes double-checking my attached documents for the following:

  1. Do I have the correct attachment in the latest version?

  2. Have I renamed the file to be clear and concise for the recipient? Ex: Company Name_File Name_Date or Date_Topic_Initials

  3. Is the file too large in size - should I compress it or send it as a zip file?

  4. If I’m sending multiple documents, have I attached them in the same order as I’ve referred to them in the email? Is the order logical? Are the files named consistently?

It’s important to constantly think about the recipient of your emails to figure what is useful and necessary information to make your communication with them as efficient as possible. Be respectful of their inbox and their time!