Leave work stress at work

Leaving work stress at work is easier said than done. We are all guilty of bringing a cranky attitude home but it can be detrimental to your own sanity and to the relationships you have with your roommates, significant other, or parents.

I stumbled across this article in Harvard Business Review and it lead to me to think about what I actually do to unwind after a long day.

  1. Listen to Spotify or a podcast on the commute home

    My favorites are The Daily by NYT, How I Built This, Call Your Girlfriend because they usually so entertaining that it completely distracts me and leaves me focused on something else.

  2. Go to the gym after work

    Whether it be yoga or boxing, the music + endorphins will help you release stress

  3. Stop by a store you like

    I work next to some of my favorite stores and so even if I don’t shop, it’s nice to go in to browse. Retail therapy is the best therapy!

  4. Watch your favorite show

    I am not ashamed to say I love a trashy reality show like Vanderpump Rules or the Housewives series because it makes me completely forget about my day. Indulge in whatever show transports you to another place

  5. Have a glass of wine or beer when you get in

    Give yourself a little happy hour to take the edge off

  6. Take a shower or steam

    I love aromatherapy for stress so sometimes a quick shower can make you feel brand new. At my previous job, I used to take a shower or steam for a few minutes at the gym during my lunch break on really intense days!

  7. Call your mom/dad/sibling

    Vent to a loved one for a quick second so it’s off your chest!

  8. Schedule a self-care appointment

    If the work stress is really bad and has been ongoing, make sure you are giving yourself time to recover and rest over the weekend. It can be a massage, a mani/pedi, or facial at home. Give yourself something to look forward to.

Tell us your favorite ways to unwind and separate work from life.